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RESTful API for GWENT®: The Witcher Card Game
Created by the community for the community


Speeds up development

We did most of the heavy lifting for you to provide all the essential data. Just connect to the API and start developing your app straight away.


User Experience Focused

By listening and working closely with the community, we are able to develop the best service to meet your needs.


Easy to use

With our well documented HATEOAS architecture, starting to use GwentAPI is as easy as pie.


You can access the API at

List all cards

Retrieve a specific card

Search a card by name

Retrieve every card from a faction

Obtain the card artworks

Retrieve every card of a specific rarity

Available in 9 languages

And many more features!

How is GwentAPI built?
  • The core of the service is built around a Go application
  • Proxied by Nginx
  • Hosted by DigitalOcean
  • With data stored inside a mongoDB cluster
  • Everything delivered to you with little delay thanks to CloudFlare

Want to contribute?